Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Unsion Medical Outreach Downtown Cuenca

 Unsion is the mastermind of a missionary Bill Mcdonald and his wife in Cuenca, Ecuador. He is supported by Assemblies of God. My church back home, Living Faith is also through Assemblies of God. My pastor gave me all his information before I even arrived in Ecuador. I am so excited for all the other adventures through Unsion I will have. This outreach was open to the public. They checked there eyes, blood, and skin. I was in the teeth department. I translated for a woman from Indiana. We showed the patients how to properly brush teeth and wash hands and afterwards handed out toothpaste and toothbrushes. They also had a puppet show for the kids and handed out candy. Ironic I know, candy and toothbrushes.

Blood tests

Waiting to get their eyes checked
About 400 people went through my station, and these kids loved the free toothbrushes and trying out there skills on the model.
My partner in crime. The college student I translated for.

The Team


  1. of the increase of His government (the rule and reign of Love) let there be no end!

    (note: there - a place, their - possessive) :) ...you ARE forgetting your ENGLISH :) ...or did you never know it? :)

    ...praise God, and bless you for caring for the poor as He does