Saturday, 4 September 2010

Here is the start of my Blogging!

Buenas Dias from Ecuador! Through Rotary, I will repeat my senior year in complete Español! So far is so good, I start escuela(school) on Monday, I am extremely excited. I learn new words/phrases everyday, but the language is not coming like magic, at least not yet. It seems that too many people want to "show off" there English. So I am planning on my first day of School to say, "No hablo Ingles, Yo hablo Francés". I do not speak English, I speak French. They don 't teach French in schools so I think will be my best bet. We will see how long I can hold to it! I am so blessed to be in Ecuador with such a wonderful family! Mi Familia consists of my Papi(Carlos), Mami(Sylvia), my sisters Joi(21) and Caro(18), and my brother Julian(16). Caro is in her exchange year in Idaho and concluding from her FB and frequent skypes she is having a blast! Papi owns and operates a Gas station and mechanic shop with approx 5 mechanics under him. Mi Mami is a exceptional artist, I will post pictures soon of her work! Joi is right now moving into her apartment in Quito (the capitol of Ecuador”). To be completely submersed in Español I have blocked all fellow American's from my facebook. Except my mommy because I love her and she's special. Don't take it personally, but take it as me being old fashioned and would love a letter from you! My address is PO Box 0101459 Cuenca, Ecuador and I promise to write back. I have already recieved four letters from my mom, Olivia S., Kenny D, and Kelly Clark and cherish them dearly and am sending the answers today! It take about 6 days to recieve a letter from the U.S. Alright well I will be putting pictures soon!

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