Thursday, 16 September 2010

A typical Tuesday night

Ecuador is different in many ways, and one of my favorite is the commitment to get together as a family. At least once a week the Salazar side of the family gets together for a big dinner on Tuesday at Papar and Tila's house(Grandpa and Grandma). (My mami's side gets together Sunday) When I say family, I mean all cousins, uncles aunts, second cousins, and any boyfriends/girlfriends. For this dinner I attempted to make chocolate molten cakes. I have concluded that making them in a mini cupcake pan wasn't the best idea. They were little brownies but still a hit and were quickly gone. The strawberries you see were apart of a huge bag of strawberries I bought downtown for a dollar.

Joi's best friend Pedro. He is making powdered sugar for me by hand!
Finished Product!
Just a glimpse of the dinner party!
Dad this picture is for you. Yes they eat corn that is so overdone they eat it with a fork. The kernels are so chewy/hard they just pop off the cob. I am not complaining, it is just different and everytime we have it for dinner I accept one and eat it with a smile!

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