Saturday, 25 September 2010


 Well last weekend I went to Quito! Papar picked me up at 7:10 Friday morning and dropped me off at the airport. I was excited to have my first plane ride in Ecuador solo! It only took 40 minutes to get from Cuenca to Quito, it felt like 10 minutes. The plane was having turbulence and I forgot what a short flight it was. When we started descending I was thinking the worst haha. Mami, Papi, and Joi were already in Quito getting Joi's apartment ready. She is going to school there studying business administration.
I took this picture from the plane. 

This is my host sister, Joi and her friend.

This is in Jois new apartment!

For lunch on Saturday we went to a restuarant outside of Quito in the mountains. I got a typical Ecuadorian dish.

At the restaurant.
Sopa (Soup)

The view from the restaurant

I thought it was going to spit right in my mouth!!

Abuelito and I on the absolute middle of the earth!

Awwwww Abuelito and Abuelita

Each side of my Body on Both sides of the Planet.

Its not easy being on both sides of the planet!

The land marker of the center of the Earth

All of the crew Mami, Papi, Joi, I, Abuelito, and Abuelita

Mami and Papi dancing

The view from abuela Tia's House. That mountain in the back has a Volcano directly behind it. Papi has pictures from this same view and a huge mushroom cloud on top of it when the Volcano exploded. That was about 10 years ago. 
Jois apartment

She is on the top floor

We stopped for lunch on the 8 hour drive back to Cuenca. Another typical dish.

I have found my new favorite Smoothie!! An Aguacate Shake or Avocado Shake! The most delicious thing better than a milkshake.

This is the oldest church in Ecuador

Look how thick those walls are

This is a field we saw on the way back. It was so bright yellow it hurt your eyes!!

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