Thursday, 23 September 2010

Campamento de Español (Spanish Camp)

For Spanish Camp Students from all over Ecuador traveled to Lago de Crystal. A beautiful retreat center horseback riding, a zipline over a pond, beautiful views(as you can see), and a ton of Español!!

These girls are from everywhere!! France, Belgium, Germany, etc. They are some of the sweetest girls you will ever meet!

This is addie and sarah!
Sarah and I went horseback riding in the mountains. Her horse was crazy so we had to switched halfway through...he just wanted to go super fast which was fine by me!
Yeah were crazy
This is Shawn. We flew from Philly to Miami together. He is from Delaware.
This night we had a Cuencanan festival. This is a picture with a vaca loca (crazy cow). I will have a link to the video soon. A guy strapped this thing on his back and skipped around everywhere as it exploded with legit fireworks. I think it should be called muchacho loco(crazy man). haha
Everyone got a Globa. We wrote our names on them and made a wish and let them float to the moon! It was really cool to watch them disappear into the sky
Let's just say poor Shawn's didn't make it to the moon and I don't think his wish is coming true anytime soon! haha
America & Germany!
Poor james haha I can see an eye
This is Wilson and I. He is from Cuenca and helped out with the camp.
These shoes are awesome!! There are Ecuadorian converse call Venus, very popular here. Wilsons are the black ones and mine the blue. I got them for $5 at a market, and Joi(my host sister) said I could of got them for cheaper if I didn't look so foreign.
This dog is super cute!!! He was at the Camp. Look at his light blue eyes!

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