Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Coup d'etat in Ecuador...The CRAZIEST day of my far=]

Ok, first I am going to apologize for how long this took. I also am sorry I have no personal pictures. I didn't have my camera when I was at school and wasn't allowed outside, especially with my camera. I am going to write exactly what is in my journal.
30th September 2010
I put my hair in a pony tail today because I didn't feel like taking a shower and wanted to sleep for 20 more minutes. In school we had a Quimica(Chemistry) test today. I did not understand much so I tried my best, and started to write a letter to Amber & Olivia. Next class was Investigation, I was still writing my letter to Olivia. Our teacher just didn't come. Then a teacher came in and said something and all the kids started shouting and jumping up and down. In Ecuador we do not have substitutes so if the teacher isn't there we don't have class and get free time. I figured it was the same drill. I looked out the window and looked into the other classes and realized none of the classes had a teacher. All of the teachers had suddenly disappeared. I went over to Marceo, a boy in my class, to ask exactly what was going on. He said " The entire Police Force is rebelling against  President Correa because they don't think there are getting enough money. There are no police in all of Ecuador." I went straight over to James, the other Exchange student from the US to tell him. Our class turned on our TV. We watched live as the President gave a speech from a window to a crowd of policeman and supporters. It started out good, the crowd seemed as if they were agreeing with what he was saying. But then toward the end of the speech the President started to get mad, ripping his tie from his neck and shouting directly to the police "if you want to kill me come kill me, just know my infinite love for my country & my family" Alright if I was the president and I had the entire police force of my country wanting my neck, I would never say that, nor give a speech out a window to the police, but it gets worse. Then we all watched as the president went down to try to negotiate with the POLICE!!!! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! They through tear gas at him. President Correa got a knee replacement not to long ago and the police went right for it pushing him, kicking him, and tearing off his gas mask. Then the TV kept on showing mass chaos in Quito and Guayaquil. There was no security, so stores were helpless and were stripped to the core. Not a crumb left, reminded me of the Grinch Stole christmas, to the last crumb. Pharmacy's, Banks, Grocery Stores, Gas Stations, etc. This was within hours of the Police strike. The police just abandoned the people! I tried to imagine this happening in America and just couldn't. This has never happened in the history of Ecuador where the police force has stopped protecting the people. The TV showed videos of every airport and bus station completely shut down, nothing coming in or out. I live in Cuenca, which is a cute city in the mountains. Our classmates were very relieved when all the TV was showing Quito and Guayaquil in mass chaos. Then we watched as Police set cars on fire, neighborhoods robbed there own banks, and then that little headline on the bottom....Cuenca, Ecuador. Exactly 5 minute car ride from our school. That's when reality sunk in. The kids were no longer ecstatic that we didn't have school. Girls started to cry, especially when their parents wouldn't answer the phone. Boys started fighting with eachother everywhere, with no teachers there was no one to stop them. James and I just stood there having no idea how to react. I was so caught up in the excitement of it all. Then James looked at me and said "we should be the ones freaking out, we are American's, we can't understand much of what they are saying and the only ones with blue eyes in the whole school, if anything is going to happen to anybody it is going to be us." James and I just laughed at how crazy everything was and how different America is. Half the school was picked up by there parents by this time. I am going to admit, I wasn't scared the whole time, and was quite the comforter. Until the thought occured to me that if the government is collapsing, there is no security, and Ecuador was in chaos, they might send me home. I told James this and we both got teary eyed and were just as solemn as the other students, but for different reasons. That is when I started praying hard. I felt like God had so much more instore for me and I had just began my adventure(and boy what a beginning)! James and I both loved it here, and were just starting to figure out Spanish and everything else. We went and bought a lollipop to try to cheer ourselves up. As we were trying not to cry and licking out lollipops the President was put on a stretcher and rushed to the hospital. When he was at the hospital he called the TV station, describing the police outside his room trying to break in to kill him. I took the bus home, and it dropped everyone off directly in front of their houses, no walking. On the ride we could see teenagers just drinking on the streets (which is illegal). Kids are going crazy NO POLICE! Papi and Mami were there to eat lunch with me. Papi told me four banks in Cuenca had been robbed and earlier this morning a police car came by my Papi's gas station yelling to shut everything down and lock up. My Papi being the tough guy he is deposited all the money, and kept on selling gasoline and chips. I stayed home all day and skyped my parents. Dad was wanting me to come home and Mom was jealous of my experience. Later that night the police were still holding President Correa hostage. Then the Military and Special force Police went to rescue him. They busted through a metal door with a vehicle. The Police started shooting their own military and other police. Eight people were killed, including a 21 year old soldier in the military. That made the front page in the newspapers down here. That night was the quietest night in Ecuador I have experienced. No music, no laughing, nothing. I want to thank everyone for their prayers. Thank you for all the support, this is where God has put me to represent his kingdom and the opportunities have overflowed my cup. Please pray for the families of the victims and for the christian churches in Ecuador. It is Wednesday and although they are prolonging the state of emergency to friday night, I feel as safe as ever. At 5pm I have Spanish lessons and it is safe to walk there, a couple blocks from my house. I am pretty sure I am going to come back to America the best Story teller ever. The news down here is better than the movies. I am living a James Bond MOVIE!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! BLESSINGS Abundantly!!!

Saturday, 2 October 2010

This is our maid, Maria. She is 17 and my best friend in Ecuador! When ever we are home alone we go on walks and get icecream and talk. She knows absolutely no English and has helped me so much! Today Mami told me to go for a run bc I didn't go swimming this morning and Maria told me to wait for her so we could go together. She did go to school when she was younger and learned how to read, but she has 3 younger brothers and just her mom so I had to quit school and work as a maid. Keep her in your prayers she is a sweet heart!!