Friday, 17 September 2010

First day of Escuela!!

My first day of school was just like any first day of school with the butterflies, and excitement. But never in my whole entire life have I dressed exactly like everyone else but have hundreds of eyes bluntly on me watching my every move! Everyone was very nice in my class. I made quick friends with the girls in my class and all of the middle school boys. I love the campus!! We enjoy (between classes)  being outside and I have lunch among the bolders in the nearby forest. When you get your class work done the teacher lets you go outside to soak up sunshine, play a game of soccer, or buy a snack at the snack bar. My favorite class is Math. I'm the star of that class because it is my best subject in the U.S. and the only one I understand in Ecuador. English class is not my favorite. I thought it would be, but I have got yelled at numerous times for speaking spanish. I can't help it!! The other 23 hours and 15 minutes of the day is soley me trying to speak in as much spanish as possible!! O how different it is from good ole Bald Eagle Area. ( My HighSchool in the US)


  1. I bet that uniform never looked so good!! I was wondering where that green book bag got to!

  2. You look fantastic (as usual!!)!!!! Miss ya so much girl... hope you are stillin' for the Lord! Love,

  3. OF COURSE!!!!! Eleanor I miss your beautiful face in my life!! Today I am working in a medicine camp to give free medical care to the cuencanians! It is through a missionary my church supported in America! Can you please write me a letter? I would love that and I promise to write one back!
    My address in my first post "here is the start of my blogging" Love you girl! keep on stillin!!