Friday, 8 April 2011

Missions Trips


Through rotary I got to travel around different schools surrounding Cuenca in the Mountains as a translator. There was about 7 dentists on the team and none of them spoke spanish.

My job of translating was quickly dropped and turned into cheering the kids on and comforting them. Some of them had never seen a dentist and were in great need of one. I would be scared to if someone that didn't even speak your language had a huge needle of novacaine and expected you to open your mouth really wide to inject you. Some kids had to get up to 4 teeth pulled and many fillings.

We awarded each one with toys and big trucks seen in this picture.

This poor guy is only 5 and fainted as we were pulling out teeth. We had to give a little break and when he woke up his eyes were so big with the expression "where am I and who are these strange people and why can I not feel my mouth?"

I took a break from translating to paint all of the girls fingernails, boy were they excited. The boys were just as excited haha.

Showing off our new painted nails. This boy wanted his nails done as well.

We played tag between breaks and many other games. With the change in altitude boy was I dieng, haha But I fell in love with all the kids like I always do, precious beautiful children of the God.

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